A Taste of Zero Waste: ‘Bestover’ Turkey Fricassee

A Taste of Zero Waste: Bestover Turkey Fricassee with Peas & LeeksDid you know that last week was the European Week for Waste Reduction? I learned about it when I was randomly surfing around the net the other week and stumbled upon an article on the ‘Zero Waste Lifestyle’. Meanwhile, I have done a bit of binge reading on the topic, and I am HOOKED on the idea of reducing the amount of waste I produce to an absolute minimum. So much so that I want to share a few thoughts on it with you today, along with this homey turkey fricassee, with tender and juicy turkey meat, sweet peas, crunchy leeks and a lusciously creamy and lemony dill-sauce. How they go together? My delicious lunch for two is entirely made of leftover bits and pieces I found on a little fridge forage – a taste of zero waste.

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Danksgiving & A Last Minute Early Bird

Turkey_coverLast Friday, I held my first ever Thanksgiving dinner party. Yes, you got that right. One week prior to – well – Thanksgiving. But although the dinner itself was early, one particular (and critical) thing about it was very last minute: the bird. The actual early bird was me – sitting at a poultry farm a half-hour drive from my kitchen, on Friday morning at 8:00, with 7 hours to go until my guests arrived, having coffee with the farmer’s wife, waiting for the turkey to arrive. It didn’t until 11:00. Continue reading