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Red Rice Pilaw with Salsiccia Sausage
Saffron & Sherry Sabayon. Going Skinny Dipping with Artichokes

Torta di Ricotta with Rosemary, Honey & Pine Nuts
Sort-of-Stroganoff Mushroom Pasta with Mustard & Cornichons
Salmon on Vanilla & Garlic Risotto (The Week’s Eats 1/3)
Beef Pearls & Pasta in Tomato Sauce (The Week’s Eats 2/3)
Berry Pav♥a (The Week’s Eats 3/3)
Hubby Birthday Cake
Lonesome Lentils & Solitary Pleasures
Blood Orange & Cinnamon Churro Swirls

A Sweet Fin(n)ish: Omena-Pannukakku (Apple Oven-Pancakes)
Zesty Cedro Lemon Caesar
Roasted Parsnip Salad with Brown Butter Dressing & Dill
Spice Route Scented Pork Belly
Danksgiving & A Last Minute Early Bird (Thanksgiving Turkey)
Neon Crunch & Punch Pickle
Postal Pumpkin Pie

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