Back at the Stove! Supper Clubbin’ with Ceci n’est pas un Restaurant in Frankfurt March 21st

ppp4601Hello hello hello! Boy (or girl or trans*-, inter-, or asexual individual), have you not heard from me for a long time! First of all, I want to wish everyone of you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2015! Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I really appreciate it. This year has a lot in store for me, and these days I’m quite the busy bee. I’ll be finishing my PhD this year, so after weeks filled with writing – I’ll be honest with you – spending more time than necessary in front of a computer screen on the (precious!) weekend does not appeal to me so often. So I am all the more excited to be getting back to the stove soon, together with the wonderful people at Ceci n’est pas un restaurant. Continue reading

1 Year of brag&butter! – and a LOT of Butter on the Weekend…

FullSizeRenderWhen I sat down to get to work this morning, I received the most beautiful surprise: WordPress informed me that one year ago on this very date, I posted my first ever post on brag&butter and started my blog. So – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me today! Funny enough: I made an exemplar of the Pumpkin Pie I posted as my first recipe back then just recently, and I made it for friends who experienced the birth of their baby boy just a week ago. Then yesterday, we had our friends Stefan and Jochen over for a champagne brunch to celebrate both their birthdays. A lot of birthdays happening at once. So, although there is a lot of work on my list today, I take some time to celebrate a bit with you – and to tell you about the buttery weekend that lies behind me. Continue reading

Provisions from the Picture Pantry: Time-Crunchy Zucchini & Feta Yufka

1408.1_coverI am living the absolute Einstein experience these days. I don’t know about you, but each time my annual summer holiday draws near, the relativity of time becomes oh so apparent to me: at the office, time seems to go by both ultra-slowly (what? five more days?!) and ultra fast simultaneously (what? so much left to do?!). In-between freak outs and trying to retain composure, there wasn’t much time for any cooking or fancy eating these last weeks (except for the wonderful cook-out at Summer of Supper two weeks ago), let alone coming up with a blog-post from scratch. So before I leave you for my well-deserved and much needed summer vacation, I took to the “Picture Pantry” of food photos I have taken ages ago, way before I started writing brag&butter, and went foraging for something I could maybe add to some quick writing and turn into a last post before I take off for my vacation. Hey! Nothing bad about that: haven’t we all turned pantry staples and preserves into delectable dinners? There you are. Scrolling through some really bad and some rather good photos of some well-remembered and some long forgotten suppers with friends, I discovered a gem – both because the photos looked decent and it’s a perfect recipe for these summer days: my Zucchini & Feta Yufka is simple, rapid and oh so picknickable. Continue reading

Cook Well And Talk About It

My hand-me-down mixer from grandma's kitchenMy kitchen (and that is any kitchen I have ever occupied, really) has never been home to fancy equipment or expensive tools – I mostly use wooden spoons, a whisk and the same old knives which I can never manage to keep sharp (in fact, I have never really tried). My electric hand mixer is more of a hand-me-down mixer from my grandma’s (1950s) kitchen. It has three settings, all of which make the whisks spin at exactly the same speed.

Despite its rather humble facilities, my kitchen has been home to some damn good cooking over the last few years. This is due to the more (and most) important tools for cooking: resourcefulness, vigor, conviction and love. Those I always have in stock and ready at hand. I feel that truly good cooking is being able to appreciate the best and freshest products and to come up with the perfect way of preparing them, but even more (and ultimately): being able to throw a dinnerparty for your friends with only a seemingly empty fridge and a handful of bits and pieces at your disposal. That is what I do. And that is what I want to share with you on here.

Now this may seem like bragging to you. And if it does: you are absolutely right. And so am I in doing it. And so should you feel doing it. Good cooking to me is a matter of both humbleness and ostentation. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) take the most expensive or luxurious ingredients or appliances, but if you are able to make something great from what you have at hand – why not be proud of it? I cook well. And I will talk about it.